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University won’t force Christian professor to use trans pronouns, pays $400K in settlement

"The settlement lifts any requirements for Meriwether to use preferred pronouns for students that may contradict their biological sex, according to ADF. Additionally, the university has reportedly agreed to rescind a written warning issued to Meriwether in June 2018." - C.Post

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The Sexual Revolution and "the Kids Aren't Fine."

"Children, in particular, are the subjects of this social experimentation....If the early days of the sexual revolution were about being free from the confines of sexual morality, these latter days are about being free from the confines of sexual reality." - Breakpoint

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USA Swimming Changes Rules for Trans Athletes, 'Acknowledges' That Men Have an Advantage

"Under the new rules by USA Swimming, a transgender woman must have a testosterone level of 'less than 5 nmol/L' continuously for at least three years. Additionally, a three-person panel comprised of independent medical experts will determine if the transgender athlete has a 'competitive advantage' over biological women based on 'prior physical development of the athlete as a male.'" - C.Headlines

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Wisconsin high court to hear parents’ challenge to school district's gender transition policy

"Parents suing a Wisconsin school district over a policy that allows officials to withhold knowledge of students’ efforts to change their gender identity from their families will have their case brought before the state supreme court." - CPost

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The Point: New Canadian Law Denies Some People Exist

"The lack of science behind this law is staggering.... there’s not a single study showing harm from so-called 'transgender conversion therapy.' It could, in fact, be desperately needed, since up to 80 percent of minors with gender dysphoria will desist at puberty." - Breakpoint

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Trans doctor warns against puberty blockers: Medical community 'zigged' too far Left

"Two trans-identified healthcare professionals are raising concerns about the rush to affirm children suffering from gender dysphoria and the longterm consequences of puberty blockers." - C.Post

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ELCA becomes first mainline denomination in US to install trans-identified bishop

"The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has installed Rev. Megan Rohrer as the first openly transgender bishop to serve in the liberal mainline Protestant denomination’s history." - CPost

(See also AP/ChurchLeaders)

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