From Data to Discernment: Why AI Can’t Replace Cultivating of Wisdom

“It can’t morally evaluate problems….It computes with astonishing speed and precision, but it can’t contemplate. It quickly gets the ‘right answer’ to even complicated questions. But it can’t tell us how to live rightly.” - Word by Word


Probably the biggest risk of AI is "what do you do with the problem of Crazy Uncle Bernie?", the guy who has some way out there views, but every once in a while stumbles across something that's real. The choice many are making is to filter out certain views and data points that seem to be problematic, but the reality with that is that when you do so, the tendency is to do something that looks like Google Gemini, the AI source that presented the Founding Fathers as black and such. (if I remember right, George Washington was both black and really, really pretty in the world of Gemini)

So the challenge, as the column rightly points out, is how to filter out Crazy Uncle Bernie and his like without putting one's finger on the scales of truth. And then you've got laws like the EU's, which says that if my data are in your database and I live in the EU, I can demand you remove it. It's just nuts.

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