The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence at the Intersection of Original Writing

Quillbot "suggests its main use would be for someone to improve their own writing.... Instead of the difficult work of understanding and then putting an author’s words into your own words, this tool allows students to automate the process." - DBTS Blog

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New Tools to Help Parents Navigate Teens’ Social Media Use

"The bipartisan 'Kids Online Safety Act,' which is currently before Congress, is an effort to address these realities by providing parents and kids with safeguards and tools to protect them, uncovering the 'black box algorithms' that can feed dangerous content, and creating a duty for social media platforms to prevent and mitigate harms" - IFS

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Review: God, Technology, and the Christian Life

"many Christians get hung up on the most powerful technologists in the world who are inventing the most threatening innovation on earth.... Reckoning with God’s power over big tech is essential for many Christians who must resolve this obstacle before they can see and worship God for the tens of thousands of innovations they use every day.” - Ref21

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