Preparing for the AI tsunami: The vital issue in answering if we should be afraid of AI (pt 3)

"If there are no spiritual and ethical boundaries in the minds of the brilliant people developing this technology, there is indeed much to fear." - CPost

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 the most urgent issue in this AI age is the recovery of a consensus centered on God’s transcendent majesty

Where and when will the world become centered on God's transcendent majesty?  When they hear the gospel and repent.

Man is a creative creature, and they are marching down the road of building something in the likeness of man.  Where man is exalted.  This is the coming of our "Tower of Babel".  There is much good that AI is already doing and will continue to do, but in the end it is a humanistic endeavor, and we know

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Good article.  I especially appreciated this thought:

the greatest danger is that in an age when fallen human beings are developing the most powerful of machines, society is losing the sense of God’s transcendence.

If you think about it, technology makes it more and more tempting to live apart from God. Thus, logically, a determination to make God the center of our lives is always the best approach.  Hard to argue with that logic.

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