Counsel for a Friend Who Wonders Which Christian Forest He’ll Land In

"I also know that evil dwells within me, as Romans shows, and that good dwells even among my enemies. God causes his common grace to fall on the unjust. And I find this to be such helpful knowledge. It takes from my shoulders the pressures of an impossible worldview." - Mark Ward

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I was in the exact same boat. I landed with the Regular Baptists!

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.

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...but for those who, by God's grace, would leave that camp, the great way of helping them understand that it's not a slippery slope (fallacy) is to point them to the First Fundamental; that the Scriptures are inerrant in their original manuscripts, and one can indeed infer about what was in them from the depth and breadth of currently available manuscripts.

I confess, having had a little bit of experience with KJVO thinking, to having a bit of trouble being gracious in my criticism.  I make no apologies for pointing out that the entire movement, as far as I've seen, builds off guilt by association and slippery slope fallacies, and severely (see above) infringes on the First Fundamental.  The tough part, though, is in asking whether KJVO advocates are indeed brethren in Christ--it is, to be sure, a "fundamental" issue by which our spiritual forefathers delineated the boundaries of fellowship.

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