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“...for a long time now in American life anyway, at election time, everything becomes apocalyptic.”

" have this sense of either, if whoever I voted for wins, I’m exuberant, it’s like, 'I win,' that’s not really true. And if somebody I didn’t like wins and that means everything’s over, everything falls apart. Well, that’s not true either." - Russel Moore (Podcast)

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What is QAnon? Why is it popular and dangerous? And how can Christians respond?

"On October 28, 2017, a new user calling himself Q posted on a right-wing site favored by white supremacists called 4chan. Q predicted that Hillary Clinton would be arrested and massive riots would break out nationally on October 30, 2017. When the day came and went without fulfilling Q’s predictions, adherents concluded that the cabal interfered." - Denison

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Political Idolatry and Mocking Your Mission Field

By Jordan Standridge. Reposted from The Cripplegate, November 15, 2016. (HT: Zeteo 316.)

We were warned. I feel like it was over and over again. Pastor after pastor told us that if politics becomes an idol in our heart that those who don’t agree with us will slowly become the enemy. We were told that when we put our hopes and trust in the one who sits in the Oval Office and into avoiding persecution and holding on to religious freedom then when people speak out with opposing views from us we will despise them and treat them like an enemy.

And yet despite the warning, many of us in the church have raised the idol. Many in the church have worshipped at the feet of this idol and are simply overjoyed that this idol seems to have produced results. And the mocking has begun. My Facebook is filled with comments about snowflakes, hypocrites and lefties who supposedly are so evil and so despicable that they need to be ridiculed for their tears. The problem is that these snowflakes we’re mocking are my mission field. I talk to so many of them on a weekly basis. Despite Scripture’s warnings about letting no unwholesome words out of our mouths, and only using words that are able to build others up (Eph. 4:29), we think that because some wanted to push abortion and gay marriage that we’re allowed to speak of them any way we choose.

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“We have made idols of our self-centered political and religious desires, and they have treated us the way false gods always do.”

"Any society thus dominated by its lust will do whatever it takes to satisfy it....Our political and religious landscape is littered with leaders who exemplify this kind of thinking and action—so densely so that there’s no need to name any examples. And we have chosen to follow them. We have elected them, or we have joined their churches.

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