Is the Textus Receptus Perfect in Every Jot and Tittle? Ambrose vs. Scrivener

“Scrivener carefully noted 111 passages in which the KJV translators chose to follow Beza against Stephanus, 59 in which they did the opposite, and 67 in which they differed from both texts and went with some other reading.” - Mark Ward


In a debate where evidence mattered, yes, Ward would be destroying KJVO. Nobody who really understands any of the revisions of the TR can seriously argue that it’s not tainted by the exact same kind of linguistic theory and analysis that “infects” the eclectic text. But sad to say, among the convinced, we’re going to hear the same arguments as long as people are deceived.

That noted, hopefully some of the unconvinced will see the error of this way and not become part of this movement.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.