Dr. David Platt

This man is a great preacher, he is the pastor at The Church at Brook Hills. You can listen to some of his sermons at www.brookhills.org. Watch them and what do you all think?

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I first heard Dr Platt 4 years ago and I'll never forget it. He was in the line up at the AR Baptist State Convention in Little Rock. I saw his picture and thought just another young, latest, gratest, trendy preacher. Boy was I wrong, he preached the most powerful message that day. He started off quoting a couple chapters of Psalms and then preached on "going out side the camp". It seemed you couldn't hear him for all the Amens. when he finished every old pastor in the place was grinning from ear to ear, and us young preachers felt like some one from our own generation was still willing to preach the word. It is good to see God using a young man in this role. Most young preachers I see today are an embarassment at a large event like that. May his tribe increase.