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#BoycottTarget campaign reaches 500,000 signers

"Less than a week after Target, the nation’s second-largest discount retailer, announced that transgender customers may use the restroom that 'corresponds with their gender identity,' nearly 500,000 people have signed a #BoycottTarget online petition launched by the conservative American Family Association." RNS

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McCrory seeks changes to NC restroom bill

"Executive Order 93 affirmed most of the provisions of HB2, including one that protects public establishments from being forced to allow biological males and females to have access to restrooms and locker rooms of the gender with which they identify. But . . ."  WORLD

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Rights groups sue North Carolina governor regarding new transgender law

"The bill (H.B. 2) also known as the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, requires students to use bathrooms and changing facilities that correspond with their biological sex, regardless of the students' gender identity." 

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Homosexuality, Changing Times, & The Bible (Part 4)

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The Church’s Response

As the LGBT agenda has gained traction in America, and specifically after the Supreme Court legalized homosexual marriage, the evangelical church has been scrambling for a response. Unfortunately, there is not a united front representing the church. For example, within many major, relatively conservative denominations and organizations, there have sprung up movements actively lobbying for acceptance of LGBTs and homosexual behavior including same-sex marriage and even ordination of homosexuals.1 Others have been more ambiguous. Andy Stanley, for example, preached a message in 2012 that seemed to embrace homosexuals in a committed same-sex relationship or marriage. Al Mohler’s thoughts are in the following post:

He [Stanley] told of a couple with a young daughter who divorced when the wife discovered that the husband was in a sexual relationship with another man. The woman then insisted that her former husband and his gay partner move to another congregation. They did move, but to another North Point location, where they volunteered together as part of a “host team.” The woman later told Andy Stanley that her former husband and his partner were now involved as volunteers in the other congregational location.

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Homosexuality, Changing Times, & The Bible (Part 3)

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Modern Issues

Fans of the original Star Trek television series will recognize one of the opening lines to each show as Captain Kirk said that he and the crew of the Starship Enterprise wanted “to boldly go where no man has gone before.” You don’t have to be a Trekkie to recognize that when it comes to the 21st century and the LGBT agenda we have gone where no one has gone before. We have entered new territories. Questions, discussions, accusations and the like have emerged that have never appeared in the past. In the remainder of this article, I want to address some of these issues.

Is LGBT Attraction Similar to Racial Differences?

One accusation often used to stop criticism of the LGBT agenda is that those who are opposed are reacting just as racists do. If we find someone unacceptable because of their ethnicity and we treat them as inferior, we are committing the sins of racism and partiality (cf. James 2:1-7 which actually deals with mistreatment of the poor).

Does it then follow that if we are not in agreement with LGBT and accepting of their behavior, we are committing the same sins? Not at all. LGBT behavior is a moral issue, not a racial difference. As Christians, we are called to love all people including LGBTs, but that does not mean we are required to agree with their sinful lifestyles and philosophies.

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Homosexuality, Changing Times, & The Bible (Part 2)

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What Does the Bible Say?

We need to turn now from the rapidly changing values concerning sexuality, as is exhibited in our culture, to the never-changing teachings of Scripture. As Christians, we recognize the absolute authority of the Bible, God’s revealed Word, and humbly submit to whatever it proclaims, whether it is popular or not, or as Paul says, “in season and out of season” (2 Tim 4:2).

In this regard, it is worth noting that while the Bible says relatively little on homosexuality, what it does say has always been understood, until very recently, even by unbelievers, as a condemnation of the evil nature of the act. And while relatively little is said about homosexuality as such (a fact that the pro-LGBT contingency highlight), a great deal is said about the sinfulness of immorality, of which homosexuality is included. There are seven strategic biblical passages that deal directly with homosexuality.1

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Homosexuality, Changing Times, & The Bible (Part 1)

In 1979, Francis Schaeffer wrote,

The thinkables of the eighties and nineties will certainly include things which most people today find unthinkable and immoral, even unimaginable and too extreme to suggest. Yet—since they do not have some overriding principle that takes them beyond relativistic thinking—when these become thinkable and acceptable in the eighties and nineties, most people will not even remember that they were unthinkable in the seventies. They will slide into each new thinkable without a jolt.1

Schaeffer was referencing issues such as abortion, in the wake of the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. Abortion, which previously had been recognized as evil, was at the time rapidly finding acceptance in American culture. In light of shifting values concerning abortions, Schaeffer predicted similar devolution in other moral areas. Would he be surprised by today’s approval and promotion of all things homosexual? What was considered throughout most of human history as sinful behavior and, until 1961, declared a crime in all American states and more recently as a psychological disorder,2 has now been embraced by people from all walks of life.

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