De-Transitioners Inspire States To Fight Child Sex Surgeries

“Horror stories from kids who blocked puberty and altered their still-developing bodies are becoming difficult to ignore.” - American Conservative


In a nutshell, you’ve got two big questions that I’m powerless to answer at this point. First, is puberty blocking really reversible? One side says yes, the article linked says no. Count me at least skeptical that once the blockers are removed, they’ve actually got data that shows that the person develops (on average) in exactly the same way as they would have before.

The next question is whether they actually improve mental health. Now yes, there’s a study—essentially a review of outcomes for a sample of 20,000 young people reporting gender dysphoria—that does correlate this treatment with lower mental health risks, especially suicide. Now the question is what other factors were involved—did they also get other treatment that might correlate even better with reduced risks?

There is also the question of the cause. For example, Walt Heyer is famous for transitioning, then de-transitioning, and he reports some pretty severe child sexual abuse in his past. Heyer also suggests that a greater amount of counseling—not “transition-positive counseling”, but real counseling—could help a lot of people with gender dysphoria live well without hormones, surgeries, and the like.

(also worth noting; Bruce Jenner, distant father…..)

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