Transgenderism Tackled by an Unlikely Coalition

“What do a conservative Roman Catholic and a radical feminist have in common? Both believe that biology determines sex, and that women deserve protection. Emily and Natasha are members of Hands Across the Aisle, and—as the title suggests—they join forces with women from across the political spectrum to oppose gender identity ideology.” - Ref21


…that even transgender activists don’t see the data as significant; a 40% rate of suicide attempts, 35% of transgenders in ongoing mental health care, and using a “restroom not corresponding to your factory equipment” gives carte blanche for the ~850, 000 people on Megan’s List (and an equal number who should be) to lurk in the opposite sex’s restroom or (worse yet) locker room.

The recent study in Sweden about the topic is a great example; more or less, they found that the only “benefit” of reassignment surgery was that after ten years, the rate at which “trans” men sought mental health services dropped from 35% to 21%. The sample size; 19 men. So more or less, the “success” they obtained was that by castrating/mutilating 19 men, two of them didn’t need counseling anymore.

I’ve been in mental health care myself, and while it’s no picnic at times, ….um….seems a little bit drastic to me! And as things stood, my counselor ended up thinking my problem was “self-pleasuring” when it was actually that my parents’ marriage was on the rocks. So there seems to be….a bit of a Freudian pre-supposition on the part of many mental health practicioners that quite frankly scares me. Put differently…um….glad my counselor had me as his patient before this stuff got popular. (so are my wife and six children)

Interesting side note; he was counseling my parents, too. It wasn’t as if he had no idea the kind of situations my brother and I were in.

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