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6 quotes: Russell Kirk

"October 19 [was] the birthday of Russell Kirk (1918-1994), whose book The Conservative Mind gave shape and direction to a rebounding transatlantic political and philosophical tradition. Kirk rooted conservatism, not in a political platform, but in a deep-seated respect for tradition, faith, order, morality, and precedent." - Acton

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The Biblical Origin of Individual Civil Liberties: Two Competing Views (Part 1)

As presented to the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics, September 16, 2020, with the title The Biblical Origin of Individual Civil Liberties, and Two Competing Views on Their Legitimacy and Implementation.


The Declaration of Independence makes the audacious claim that “all men are created equal … endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” This assertion of origin is rooted in a Judeo-Christian worldview—or more precisely, a Biblical one—and has been embraced by America’s founding fathers and their philosophical progenitors. In contrast, Plato’s ideal of Republic and its implementation in contemporary Marxist theory is rooted in an opposing understanding of the origin and scope of human rights. These two competing socio-political systems underscore the significance of human origin for practical aspects of societal structures and daily life within those constructs.

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A Review of: Politics After Christendom: Political Theology in a Fractured World

"Almost the entirety of the book hinges on whether the reader accepts VanDrunen’s ...thesis: the 'Noahic covenant' of Genesis 8:21–9:17 is the foundational principle of any Christian political theology." - Ehrett

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Conservative Theologically, but Liberal Politically?

"In Europe, 'liberal'...means free market economics and liberty in general. Which is why the 'Liberal Party' in Australia is actually what Americans would describe as the conservative party. Whereas in the United States, 'liberal' has come to mean progressivism, openness to change of every sort, and left-leaning ideologies.  Including, ironically, support for strong central governments and opposition to free market capitalism." - Veith

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Should Protestants Reject Natural Law? Responding to Common Objections

"Even according to Protestant traditions with the gravest views of sin, fallen human beings do not get everything wrong when thinking about morality. Since Scripture itself affirms that the created order reveals God’s moral law, Christians should not turn their backs on natural law for the sake of promoting biblical teaching." - Public Discourse

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The State of Social Conservatism and the Role of “Public Discourse”

"Join a political movement if you like, but don’t confuse it with an intellectual movement. To the extent that you wish to pursue intellectual authenticity in public, you will need to give up on direct political influence." - Daniel Burns

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“Civic virtue is not a pleasant abstraction.... It is a necessity if we are to have an open and transparent government based on trust and cooperation.”

"When trust fails, the virtuous circle turns vicious, and then the state has to find other ways to encourage or compel cooperation in order to function.... it is not surprising that the two poles of American politics have drifted toward socialism and nationalism at a time when the effectiveness and trustworthiness of our public institutions is in decline." - The Venezuelafication of American Politics

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