Political Philosophy

Conservatism and Its Current Discontents: A Survey and a Modest Proposal

"...instead of concentrating its fire solely on left-wing elites, as Reaganite, conservative populism had done, the Trumpist brand of populism did something more: It simultaneously assailed right-wing elites, including the Buckley-Reagan, fusionist conservative movement described earlier." - Acton

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Church Autonomy and Church Accountability as Complimentary Principles

"If a 'sphere' like religious institutions is 'sovereign' within its domain, doesn't that mean that there's no way for another sphere (the state) to intervene even in the case of (say) clergy abuse? And if so, isn't that troubling (perhaps discrediting of church autonomy)?" - Reason

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How the call to “carry one another’s burdens” breaks down partisan stalemates

"In our increasingly polarized nation, when many elected officials and their strategists believe they need to listen only to those who already agree with them, we must carry our neighbors’ burdens into politics with our own. We must ensure those we disagree with are heard as well." - CToday

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