Republicans Shouldn’t Vote?

"Democrats are inaccurately accusing Republican election reform efforts–designed to address some of Trump’s complaints–as 'voter suppression.'  But here is an actual case of voter suppression, only Trump is suppressing his own voters!" - Veith

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I feel that the democracy is in a precarious position within the US.  Trump came closest of any president in history of overthrowing the Constitution and establishing a potential dictatorship.  Whether he could have pulled it off or not, is unknown, but it was definitely very dangerous, and he approached it just as previous dictatorships have done and was able to act on it.  The fact that large swaths of the Republican party enabled him is even more concerning, as the Republicans seem less concerned about actually upholding the Constitution and more about pacifying Trump or in retaining power.  On the other side, you have the best that the Democrats could muster in defeating Trump which was Biden.  In the nearly year that he has been in office, it is not clear that they really have accomplished anything.  In addition, I am not sure Biden is really always aware of where he is at.  If this is the very best that we can pull together, it is starting to get very scary. 

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Really, the reason Garland isn't going after Trump for his part in January 6 is.....because Trump didn't incite an insurrection, but rather encouraged them to protest.  Garland and the DOJ would be laughed out of court if they tried.  The best you can really say is that Trump should have known the real intentions of that portion of the crowd and acted to prevent it, and you've got to prove that he actually did before you condemn him, don't you?  I do remember seeing some people talk about the gathering and wondering "why on earth are they doing this?", but I had no idea that a portion of the crowd would try to storm the Capitol.  

Really, the DOJ and FBI are showing what's possible for them when they're motivated to make arrests.  If there's a paper trail back to President Trump, they're extremely likely to find it.  The fact that they haven't indicates that it probably isn't there.

For my part, it seems that politicians of both parties have worked--intentionally and otherwise--to undermine the Constitutional republic for decades, really since FDR, by delegating more and more power to unelected bureaucrats, and it's arguable (Fast & Furious, IRS scandal, and a series of failures by the DOJ) that Presidents Clinton and Obama (among others) have succeeded in weaponizing the bureaucracies against their political opponents.   

To draw a picture:

  • Name some left-leaning business owners who found themselves subject to multiple federal and state agency audits right after filing paperwork to form a PAC.
  • Name some left-leaning PACs subjected to excessive IRS data requests after filing paperwork due to their political affiliations.
  • Name some left-leaning politicians who've found themselves subjected to a years long investigation based on a fraudulent dossier.
  • Name some right-leaning politicians who've had clear open & shut cases of failure to handle classified information dismissed without as much as a single subpoena.
  • Name some cases where DOJ investigations of right-leaning politicians ended because of a "leak" in the prosecutors' office right as the names of those trying to buy access (like Obama's Senate seat) would have gotten really interesting.
  • Tell me how many people were convicted of storming the Capitol and Supreme Court after Brett Kavanaugh's conviction.

Sorry, brothers, there's a pattern here.  The IRS, BATFE, and DOJ are increasingly weaponized on the side of the left.  You want a threat to the Constitutional order, there you go.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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I guess we will agree to disagree.  The plot with Clark didn't go threw but the plot involving the other Attorney and Pence is a hold different story Bert.  Remember you don't have to commit the actual crime to complete a conspiracy to do sedition whatever.  Just an overt act.  Remember the war room.  We will see what happens ?   Although I agree with your logic and that's been said by others.  Now Bert the stuff about Hillary and the others does border a little bit on Qanon but fun to hear   

I still stick to my original statement.  Trump is going to seize power.   Biden won the election fair and square and Trump lied so much it's all a joke. However by 2024 Trump will become what the Christian Right wants. The Christian Right is run mainly by the SBC Conservative Baptist Network Pastors like Paige Patterson who are totally corrupt.  However Trump will be the life time Mullah of the new Christian Caliphate.  At this point as while in Rome you do as the Roman's do.  Hail Caesar Trump.  

Funny Bert that one of the dudes pushing Qanon part that the Democrats are sex trafficking kids is a CONVICTED PEDOE HIMSELF.  Really assuring that he knows what he is talking about Bert. However Bert I'm not foolish enough to cross swords ⚔️ with you.  I'll end up dice and sliced so I'm bowing down and tapping out.  I have to much respect for your genius and I sincerely mean that 

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Trump may have tried--not directly with the riot as some allege, but he tried--but with dismal prospects of success.  Obama succeeded in weaponizing the bureaucracies against the right.  Therefore I would argue that Obama clearly poses the greater threat to the Constitutional order by simple virtue that his plan has worked.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.