Conspiracy Theories

What Christians Should Know About the ‘Great Replacement’ Theory

"The Great Replacement theory is the latest version of a century-old white genocide conspiracy theory. At the root of the theory is the claim that 'elites'—especially Jews—are deliberately plotting to reduce or eliminate white people in the United States and Europe." - TGC

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Are young earth creationism and dispensationalist eschatology to blame for our conspiracy theory problem?

"Caught between the (semi) proverbial rock of Ham and the hard place of LaHaye, many Christians–especially American fundamentalists and evangelicals–have been progressively conditioned to resort to conspiracy as an explanatory heuristic" - Conciliar Post

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PRRI Study: About One in Five Americans Agree With the Core Tenets of QAnon

“While these believers are racially, religiously, and politically diverse, the unifying beliefs are that their way of life is under attack and that they might be willing to resort to violence to defend their vision of the country.” - RNS

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