A Radical Goal for Social Media: Posting Peace

" many other good things in life, social media can become distorted and twisted, which is one of Bursch’s points: 'The social-media platforms we create are not just connecting us—they’re changing us. They’re changing how we view reality, understand relationships, process conflicts, and abide with each other'" - TGC

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The Heavens Declare the Glory of God: An Interview with Richard C. Barcellos

"In this interview we discuss Barcellos’s new book, Trinity & Creation: A Scriptural and Confessional Account, a defense of the doctrine of creatio ex nihilo in classical Trinitarian perspective, over and against recent revisionist accounts." - Credo

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How the News Disrupts Our Belonging

"Today the Soviet Union is gone but newspeak and a thousand forms of disinformation thrive. I can do frontline reporting ... and a reader will email to say I didn’t see what I saw because it doesn’t conform to a political narrative. She and the rest of us can fall prey to platform algorithms and manipulated content disgorged from a news cycle that never sleeps.

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Former Gov. Bill Haslam urges Christians to engage in the public square with a humbler tone

"In his recently-released book, Faithful Presence: The Promise and the Peril of Faith in the Public Square, Haslam draws upon his years of experience to highlight the redemptive role of faith in politics while offering biblical insight into the hot-button issues of today." - C.Post

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The rise of pop-psychology: can it make your life better, or is it all snake-oil?

"It is easy to criticise and sniff at popular psychology. Self-help psychology writers in particular can rub us readers the wrong way with their simplistic claims, pat answers to difficult problems, jargon-encrusted pronouncements and relentless positivity." - The Conversation

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Logic on fire: a review of Spiritual Depression by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

"This book is really, really good. It is based on a series of 21 sermons that you can listen to online....the audio quality is not great, but if you are in a quiet place or you have noise-canceling headphones you’ll be able to get a sense of the man behind the book." - Tim Augustyn

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Authoritative vs. Nurturant Styles of Religion

"I would prefer to describe these two postures as 'authoritarian' and 'nurturning.' Its only a slight change of words, but 'authoritative' and 'nurturant' just don’t sound quite right to me. For one thing, I think religious leaders should be authoritative but without being authoritarian." - Roger Olson

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