Billy Graham archives to move from Wheaton College to his North Carolina library

"The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association announced the decision about the transfer of the evangelist’s papers and the association’s archives on Thursday (March 28). 'This is part of our continuing consolidation in Billy Graham’s hometown,' said evangelist Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the BGEA." - RNS

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Arthur Brooks on Rejecting Contempt: “If you have contempt for ‘them,’ more and more people will become ‘them.’”

"We are called to find common ground where it genuinely exists, improve our own arguments, and win over persuadable Americans by answering hostility with magnanimity, understanding, good humor, and love. We cannot do that while hiding in our narrow ideological foxholes." - National Review

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How Universalism, ‘the Opiate of the Theologians,’ Went Mainstream

"What explains the recent resurgence in self-described Christians affirming (or at least flirting with) universalism? In The Devil’s Redemption: A New History and Interpretation of Christian Universalism, scholar Michael McClymond sets out to answer this question by following the roots of universalist thought all the way back to the second century." - Christianity Today

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Cheapening the Western Musical Tradition: Some Thoughts Inspired by Theodore Gioia and Andy Crouch

"Andy Crouch, in his excellent book, Culture Making, ties the Western classical tradition to the creation blessing/mandate of Genesis 1. I think he is right: the tradition we have been handed is the result of God’s blessing humanity with the impulse to take the raw elements of creation and make them into something refined, something that makes life better for humanity." - Mark Ward

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The Fifteen Books Most Indispensable for the Minister or Christian Worker

(About this series. This booklist appears at the end of Volume XII just before the 12 volume index.)

For several years the Committee having in charge the publication of “THE FUNDAMENTALS” has been endeavoring to get a list of the five most indispensable books for the minister and the Christian worker, and the ten and the fifteen and the twenty-five. They have been in correspondence with various leaders in Christian thought on both sides of the water. It was hoped that a comparison and combination of all the answers could be made, but the replies have been so divergent that this has been impossible. We are, therefore, giving here nine dif­ferent lists sent, classifying the books in the order of their importance according to the various persons furnishing the lists. The other lists submitted were not classified or specific.

List of Rev. W. J. Erdman, D. D.: Best Five:

“The Divine Unity of the Scripture,” Adolph Saphir. (This book is published in cloth covers at $1.50; paper cover, 15c.)
“Divinity of Christ,” Liddon.
“The Progress of Doctrine in the New Testament,” Bernard.
“History of Doctrine,” Shedd.
“Confessions of St. Augustine.”

Second Five:

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