Relearning who God is: How God’s description of himself upends our expectations

"Who is God? If we could pick only one passage from the Old Testament to answer that question, it would be hard to improve upon Exodus 34. God is revealing himself to Moses, causing his glory to pass by Moses, whom God has put in a cleft in the rock (33:22)." - WORLD

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“...vocation–not just as a treatment of ‘jobs’ but as a theology of the everyday Christian life–is being rediscovered”

"...vocation–the Latinate word for 'calling'–involves God Himself working through and by means of human beings to bestow His blessings. Thus, He gives daily bread by means of farmers, millers, and bakers; He creates and cares for new human beings through the vocations... the purpose of every vocation is not self-fulfillment or performing great works for God, but loving and serving one’s neighbor." - Veith

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Personal Thoughts About Commentaries: Daniel

As with the selections on the Book of Revelation, this list will display some bias towards Dispensational works, although I don’t want to fill it up with just those. One big reason for that is because Dispensationalists have not written many great commentaries on any book of the Bible. Often-as-not they have been content to furnish basic commentaries for the masses. The fact is that if a person wishes to go deep into an inspired author he will need to be conversant with many writers who he may not see eye to eye with. So here goes:

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Overcoming Paralysing Fear – with Fear!

"All these circumstances are fear-filled. That’s because we live in a fallen and broken world – a sin-stained world not as it should be. Our fearful response is what the Puritan John Flavel called 'natural fear,' an emotion even our Savior felt as He anticipated the horrors of the cross before Him." - Christina Fox

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Challies: Books for understanding the dynamic of conspiracy theories

"What follows is essentially a brief assessment of each of these books—a kind of “lay of the land” when it comes to contemporary writing on conspiracy theory. The majority of them are written from the perspective of secular classic liberalism....the Christian market could use a really good book on the subject" - Challies

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