Book Review – The Glory of the Ministry: Paul’s Exultation in Preaching

Image of The Glory of the Ministry: Paul's Exultation in Preaching
by A T Robertson
Franklin Classics 2018
Paperback 252

Reprinted with permission from As I See It, which is available free by writing to the editor at

Reviewed Edition – Grand Rapids: Baker, 1977 reprint of 1911 edition. 243 pp., paperback.

This volume by A. T. Robertson (1863-1934), the greatest of American New Testament Greek scholars, is a running exposition of 2 Corinthians 2:12-6:10. Why this section of this book? Because in this section Paul lays bare his heart and experience as a preacher and apostle with all of its struggles, trials, failures, successes, glories and privileges. In this exposition Paul, and Robertson, speak to the heart and circumstances of the preacher of the Gospel. Here we find a sympathetic ear which knows the pressure and trials of the ministry, and successfully navigated them all. Every preacher can find much of value personally in these pages.

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Review: “The Old Testament,” by Richard Hess

Image of The Old Testament: A Historical, Theological, and Critical Introduction
by Richard S. Hess
Baker Academic 2016
Kindle Edition 825

Richard Hess is an Old Testament professor at Denver Seminary who has distinguished himself with a brace of high quality studies and commentaries. These include a notable Commentary on Joshua in the Tyndale series, and a book on Israelite Religions. This work of Old Testament introduction competes with the works of Hill & Walton, Longman & Dillard, Arnold & Beyer, as well as older books by Gleason Archer and R. K. Harrison.

In The Old Testament Hess reviews each book of the Hebrew Bible providing an outline, an overview of the contents, a helpful section on “Reading” each book, which is divided into “Premodern” and critical readings; the latter being particularly useful. There is then a section on “Gender and Ideological Criticism,” Ancient Near Eastern and Canonical context, Literary structure, Theological themes, and a brief annotated bibliography. Overall, the style is highly readable and informative. The chapters are enhanced with black and white charts, diagrams, maps, photos, and insets focusing on pertinent topics.

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Still Young, Restless, and Reformed? The New Calvinists at 10

"Many youth even in evangelical churches think God is distant and uninvolved, though still concerned with our good behavior. Mostly, though, he just wants us to be happy. So religion in our secular age aims to give us what we want, in material or therapeutic terms." - 9 Marks

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What Humans Have That Machines Don’t

"Man is 'neither a machine nor a self-contained soul,' as materialist and spiritualist views of human life erroneously claim. We are instead hybrid creatures—body and soul—living in 'the material world, subject to the passage of time, and yet mysteriously able to go beyond the agenda that is set, to reshape...'" - C.Today

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