Review of H.B. Charles Jr.’s On Worship: A Short Guide to Understanding, Participating in, and Leading Corporate Worship

"It leaves room for different Christians to worship in ways consistent with their traditions and culture, yet also calls us to ensure that, no matter what, our worship is 'shaped and governed by the Word of God'" - Challies

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Richard Baxter on God’s Love

Richard Baxter on God’s Love for the saints: Baxter (1615 – 1691) is well known for his monumental work “The Saints’ Everlasting Rest.” This work was a product of the turmoil the Puritan experienced throughout his life.

There was civil war and disease. Some 868,000 people died through battle and disease over three countries. At one point, Baxter, who was a chaplain for the Parliamentary forces, walked through a field where he saw “about a thousand dead bodies” and perhaps many more buried there. On top of all this, the frail Baxter was plagued with infirmities and was imprisoned. He was a man who lived under the expectation of death.

Nevertheless, he comforted himself with the truth of heaven and God’s everlasting love for the saint. Surely he has worthy lessons for modern Christians!

Snippets from Baxter

The following is gleaned from the The Saints’ Everlasting Rest, updated and abridged by Tim Cooper. While this is not a review, I recommend the book. It begins with a Foreword by Joni Eareckson Tada which is, in itself, a treasure to read.

Baxter reminds us that our senses will be perfected. We cannot possibly imagine the joy of experiencing the eternal love of God any more than one can describe the world and its colors to someone born blind.

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Albert Wolters’s Creation Regained, and the Vast Redemptive Scope of the Gospel

"...the Bible shows that in His unfolding drama of redemption, God is at work to reclaim not just our souls, but also our bodies, and not just our bodies, but also the earth from which that first human body was made, and over which God purposed us to reign." - Randy Alcorn

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Roger Olson on his new book: Against Liberal Theology

"In this book I repeat, but with updated information and insight, J. Gresham Machen’s conclusion in his classic book 'Christianity and Liberalism' that was published in 1923. In a way, my book is a centenary celebration of his book but  filling in the gap of a century between that book and mine" - Olson

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We Need a Better Approach to Race Conversations

"As a black pastor trained in a conservative evangelical school, I have been grieved to watch my white fellow pastors debate each other and divide over racial issues....Into this fray enters George Yancey with his new book, Beyond Racial Division: A Unifying Alternative to Colorblindness and Antiracism." - TGC

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Engaging Piper’s New Book: Are Affections Part of Saving Faith?

"Piper’s most recent book, What Is Saving Faith?: Reflections on Receiving Christ as a Treasure.... Piper argues for his 'affectional' understanding of saving faith.... treasuring Christ is an affectional 'act of faith,' not in the sense of an action that results from faith, but as one of the 'actings that constitute what faith is.'" - TGC

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