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Has anyone done any trade, whether import or export, domestic or international?
My friend and I are starting a business. We have done quite a bit of research, but like anything, you can never have too much information. So any helpful hints from anyone that has been in the business would be nice.

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Hi Daniel,

I'm a bit late in replying, applied to be a user and then was busy and running around after it came thru. Anyway, I have some experience in import/export with fish and seafood products, spent most of my career in that field although I am now an instructor at a community college. I'd be glad to chat with you, don't know if I could be of any help or not but could maybe suggest some resources or who to talk to.

Will send you a note 'offline' with contact info.

Good luck!

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Thanks. I got your note and will try to give a call sometime this week. Of course you will be of help, any information is better than none. I think at this point, our main concern is trying to find a seller and how to know they are legit. We already have a buyer and banker to front the money. Smile I think the only other thing is finding a shipper, but that, I would assume is probably a little easier to find and verify.