GOP Chairman softening on gay marriage?

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Yet more evidence that being conservative is not the same thing as being Republican.

But what really bugs me is the presumed tension between principle and "grace." If your principles are not helpful to people (in the long run), you have the wrong principles. If your principles represent what's best for society, they are "grace."

Redefining marriage is not good for anyone, homosexuals included (Most third graders I know understand that "This makes me happy" isn't the same thing as "This is good for me.")

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"We believe that the institution of marriage is foundational to society, that it is a lifetime covenant between one man and one woman for life, and that it is ordained by our Creator.  We call on government to respect the sanctity of marriage, and we condemn the imposition of government on this most foundational, personal and sacred institution."

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Where in that article does Priebus say he supports gay marriage?

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Yeah, I think I read that a bit too fast. Apologies! I'll add a question mark to the headline. But it really sounds like "stuff you say just before you flip flop." They're doing a whole lot of trial ballooning right now, which is disappointing.