Gender Identity

"The Equality Act, which has 237 Democratic co-sponsors in the U.S. House, would formally recognize gender identity ideology in law for the first time."

"Every lawmaker will soon have to confront this bill and its biological denialism....We hope and believe that all Americans will show compassion and genuine love for the transgendered persons they know or meet. It is wrong to mock or belittle people for being different. That said, biology is what it is." - W. Examiner

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Outcry at Trump gender memo shows 'pain,' confusion

"The administration's proposal 'may sound controversial, but it is not,' Andrew Walker of Southern Baptists' Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission wrote in an Oct. 23 commentary." - BPNews

(Related: Nancy Pearcey - Science Wins: Trump Administration Proposes Transgender Policy Based on Biology)

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Massachusetts House passes transgender bill

"House Bill 4253 ...provides that those who identify as transgender shall not be subject to discrimination in such public places as hospitals and restaurants, and will allow those who are transgender to use the rest- and locker-rooms of the gender with which they identify." Jurist

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