Sexual Ethics

Christians Won't Be Punished as Long as They Do What We Say, Rolling Stone Reporter Responds

"Conservative websites were wrong to claim that an LGBT mega-donor wants to punish Christians; Christians have nothing to worry about, as long as they support an LGBT agenda, reporter Andy Kroll concluded." CPost

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United Methodist Church Calls for 75-Week 'Focused Prayer' on Homosexuality Debate

"The UMC's Book of Discipline states that homosexuality is a sin, that marriage is only between one man and one woman, and that clergy are prohibited from being involved in same-sex relationships." CPost

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British Baptists seek middle ground on same-sex marriage

"The Courage to be Baptist: A Statement on Baptist Ecclesiology and Human Sexuality says the introduction of laws permitting same-sex marriages in England, Wales and Scotland in recent years has posed a particular challenge for churches in the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Unwillingness by churches to 'countenance any movement on this aspect of sexual ethics,' the seven ministers said, adds to the burden." BGN

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