Sexual Ethics

Religious freedom scholars divided on 'Fairness for All' LGBT rights bill

"In a Wednesday panel discussion hosted by the Religious Freedom Institute titled 'Institutional Religious Freedom: Exploring Contemporary Policy Challenges,' scholars Stanley Carlson-Thies and David Trimble debated the merits and pitfalls of the Fairness for All Act." - CPost

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Christian women's shelter won't be forced to admit trans-identified males, federal judge rules

"... a federal judge ruled this week that the city of Anchorage, Alaska’s nondiscrimination ordinance barring LGBT discrimination does not force a Christian battered women’s shelter to admit trans-identified biological males." - CPost

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Proclaiming the Truth in Sodom

Jay Lickey

Of all my days of being in and around churches, I have heard some church names that caught my attention. The Halfway Baptist church always made me chuckle when I drove past it in college. I have heard of a few Corinthian Baptist churches which made me wonder what kind of problems they were dealing with. I have even heard of a Laodicea Baptist church. But in all my days I have never heard of a Sodom church. No one is surprised by this. But it does get you thinking, doesn’t it? What would a church do in a modern-day Sodom?

I think we are soon going to find out firsthand. The sexual sins of Sodom are now not only celebrated in pride parades but those who practice such things are given a month of special recognition, and in Canada, a whole season. Gender fluidity and same-sex couples are routinely shown in commercial marketing and made to look as normal as apple pie and baseball.

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Trans doctor warns against puberty blockers: Medical community 'zigged' too far Left

"Two trans-identified healthcare professionals are raising concerns about the rush to affirm children suffering from gender dysphoria and the longterm consequences of puberty blockers." - C.Post

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