How Perversion Becomes 'Normal'

Things like tax breaks and fiscal advantages are by and large a smoke screen. Their true goal is for us to move past toleration to approval, and they know this can only happen by changing the normalcy fields so what might once have seemed perverted and strange strikes us as simply one more lifestyle choice. - Salvo

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My stepsister went through a very similar case, though I do not know that her ex has "miraged" another man yet.  Thankfully she did better, but suffice it to say that in any sane society, a man who sneaks off to carouse at "gay" bars and such while married ought to suffer some penalty in his divorce, at the very least.  And he hasn't been harshly penalized for that.  

Very thankful that my stepsister found a lawyer who actually specializes in divorces involving employees of her husband's company--it's big where they live, and she found someone who knows the ins & outs of estimating pensions so she is adequately cared for.   But that said, I think the courts should be far harsher in cases like this, especially given the CDC-estimated 20% HIV infection rate among urban homosexuals.  Even apart from what Scripture says about the matter, the courts ought to say "you exposed your wife to this?  She gets full custody unless there is a disqualifying factor found, as well as 75% of assets."

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