Academics Claim Their Non-PC Transgender Research is Being Censored

"[S]urely genuine academic studies and inquiries about major issues facing today’s society must be welcome, right? An open letter by over 50 British academics hailing from fields ranging from philosophy to neuroscience suggests that’s not the case." - Intellectual Takeout 

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There are any number of topics where I think "I would love to see a good paper on that", and where my next thought is instantly "no academic concerned about his career would ever touch that one."  For example, imagine the brouhaha that would arise if one tried to answer the question of what the sexual preferences of pedophiles (outside of the pedophilia of course) might be.  Are they mostly happily married men, closet homosexuals or bisexuals, or open homosexuals or bisexuals?  The professors' comments about research into transsexual issues qualify as well; imagine the rage if it turned out that transgender "therapies" did nothing of value for those with gender dysphoria, but served merely to allow "doctors" to extract dollars from their wallets and those of insurance companies.  

Lots of "third rails" out there that most people will not touch. 

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