Trans doctor warns against puberty blockers: Medical community 'zigged' too far Left

"Two trans-identified healthcare professionals are raising concerns about the rush to affirm children suffering from gender dysphoria and the longterm consequences of puberty blockers." - C.Post

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They're not where I am on this topic, but they are addressing the reality that puberty blockers are not really reversible, and that when a "gender affirmation surgery" is performed, the result is superficially "representative" of the sex they want to be, but even beyond the sterility of the person, the person will not be able to enjoy normal sexual function.  They even admit that people are not always (or even often) better off.

Along the same lines, I'm told that a local community college had, as part of their student orientation, discussion more or less on how to have a relationship with a "trans" person--how to ask them out, for those of us who still remember when one "dated".   Protecting people with gender dysphoria is a hard task, to put it mildly.

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