Gender Transition as Treatment: The Best Studies Show the Worst Outcomes

"A pattern begins to emerge as we survey some of the best and longest outcome studies on gender transition: the longer the studies and the better the methods, the more negative the results." - Public Discourse

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Interesting that the author compares the outcomes of those who "transition" with the population as a whole.  Wouldn't the better comparison be to those who have gender dysphoria, but do not transition?  One could make a perfectly reasonable argument "outcomes are not as good as the population as a whole, but it beats the heck out of no therapy"--if of course that is the case.

And to "our tribes", I think we'll do well to figure out our approach beyond "we think it's wrong."  I do tend to agree, but finding Biblical support beyond 1 Cor. 7--that one ought to remain as God has created him--is something I've not really figured out.  You've got Genesis, too, I guess--"God created them male and female"--but in light of real "intersex" conditions (generally chromosomal anomalies or XY presenting sort of female-looking), we probably want to have our ducks in a row here.  (yes, granted, intersex is << gender dysphoria proper, but just to have an answer)

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