The Supreme Importance of Worldview

“…most people obtain their worldview by unconsciously absorbing it from the culture rather than consciously adopting it from Scripture. Identifying and mastering the components of the biblical worldview will strengthen the faith of any believer, help us to detect and refute error, and live consistent with the way the world really works.” - P&D


Good thoughts! I want to add, though, that it isn’t any better to thoughtlessly absorb our worldview from a subculture than it is to absorb it from the culture. What’s going on these days includes…

  • Christians absorbing the best and worst values, ideas and thought-habits of the social/political left
  • Christians absorbing the best and worst values, ideas, and thought-habits of the social/political right
  • Christians absorbing the worst values, ideas, thought-habits of both left and right

Among conservative Christians, worldview is taking it’s biggest hit in the form of war mentality: (1) the left is the enemy, (2) the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Both of these attitudes are only partly true at best. The top-level Big Ideas may still be affirmed, but many of the implications are suffering at the living-it-out level.

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