Christianity vs Culture

Be a Faithful Citizen, Not a Lone Ranger

"In Western culture, the high regard for autonomy and obsession with individualism has come at a cost: community. This lack of community (coupled with other factors) has contributed to rising loneliness, affecting our physical and mental well-being. In the church, it’s affecting our spiritual health too." - TGC

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Should We Take a ‘Winsome Approach’ to Culture? Christians Debate If Tim Keller’s ‘Moment Has Passed’

"Regarding French’s point that Christians are to love our enemies at all times, Dreher agrees that we are, but says, 'Loving one’s enemies does not mean that one should close one’s eyes to the fact that they are enemies, and wish to do us serious harm.' And while it is true, Dreher says, that politics should not shape our faith, we must not be afraid to take a political stand." - C.Leaders

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Did evangelicals win people over in the last decade? The big picture is rather stable

The Democracy Fund "was a panel that started in 2011 and continued surveying the same people through November of 2020. Did people who were evangelicals in 2011 abandon that identity by 2020? And did they do so for political reasons? ...  The biggest finding is a lot of stability." - GetReligion

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