Hillsong Family church wades into mask-wearing dispute in Florida after pastor, wife get coronavirus

"Grace City Church, a fast-growing Hillsong Family church in Lakeland, Florida... announced that it would ask members to wear masks after the church’s husband and wife team of lead pastors revealed they had been infected with the new coronavirus." - CPost

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... because it's not important until the pastor gets sick?  ... because you can't believe the science but you can believe your own personal experience?

Better late than never, I guess.

(Florida was already seeing a dramatic increase in cases.)


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Not just regarding COVID, but the cultural "vibe" I'm reading at times is that many people aren't believing in any number of risks until that risk bites them where they sit.  Might be linked with that other thread regarding the study of the ancients and the pastorate, really--can we process the historic and logical arguments that would, if we would listen, warn us of upcoming dangers.  

In this church's case, I have to wonder if masks are enough.  There is significant evidence at this point that mask-wearing does not correspond to lower risk of infection.  Whether that's because the mask is "invisible" to the virus, or whether it's because mask-wearers take risks that others don't take (my position FWIW), I think it's important to be selective in our interpersonal interactions when we've got an epidemic going around.

Another interesting point of reference; coronavirus infections (not just COVID-19) seem to generate (my source; guy in Mayo pathology) a "first line" immunity that is temporary, which is why you apparently can get the same cold again and again after a few months have passed.  It's unclear whether people will be able to get a secondary, permanent immunity.  (this basic principle is why a lot of vaccinations are in 2 or 3 steps--it's a bet that this is what's required to get the secondary immunity)

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