Who Is Melchizedek?

"Melchizedek, the king-priest of Salem, is foundational for understanding how Jesus occupies the offices of king and priest—a dual honor that finds little to no precedent among Israelite kings." - TGC

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He is the pre-incarnate Son.

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Tyler, are you saying that Melchizedek is the pre-incarnate Son?

G. N. Barkman

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If Melchizedek is the pre-incarnate Christ, that would mean that Abraham was privileged to meet with Him at least a few times--before He went to destroy Sodom, after He met with Abraham when Abraham had defeated the kings in that battle.  That's a wonderful privilege.

For my part, I'm not convinced 100% that Melchizedek was an appearance of the pre-incarnate Son, but at the very least, he's an old Testament model for who Christ would be. I cherish it as one of those neat mysteries where Scripture doesn't say "for sure."

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