Is It Too Late to Recover the Founders’ Presidency?

Prakash’s book “offers a serious plan for the restoration of something closer to the original intent of the presidency and its relationship to our other political institutions. He offers a 13-part plan that includes making presidential advisors subject to Senate approval, growing Congress’s own expert staff, shrinking the offices in the executive branch … reining in executive privilege, and deputizing private citizens as whistleblowers with standing to sue.” - Law & Liberty


His plan may be “serious” but it won’t work. Making advisors subject to Senate approval would make the confirmation process more of a circus than it is now. Congress has plenty of “experts” already. Deputizing private citizens would create chaos as would creating a “plural executive”. In fact, let me change my opening sentence. His proposals can’t be serious.

Wally Morris

Charity Baptist Church

Huntington, IN