The Case for Religious Liberty Is More Compelling than the Case for Christian Power

"[W]hy has liberty increased even as white Christian power decreased? One key reason is that the argument for liberty is far more compelling than the argument for power. A case for expanded religious liberty fits snugly within the post-Jim Crow American narrative of an accelerating process of correcting past American wrongs and extending the blessings of liberty to every member of the American community." - David French

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Is It Too Late to Recover the Founders’ Presidency?

Prakash's book "offers a serious plan for the restoration of something closer to the original intent of the presidency and its relationship to our other political institutions. He offers a 13-part plan that includes making presidential advisors subject to Senate approval, growing Congress’s own expert staff, shrinking the offices in the executive branch ... reining in executive privilege, and deputizing private citizens as whistleblowers with standing to sue." - Law & Liberty

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USA as a “Failed Social Experiment”?

"That’s coming from the Left. But prominent figures from the Right have been saying something similar. ...Some conservatives are saying that our ideology of freedom has led to the destruction of the morality that is necessary for any society....Some conservative intellectuals have gone so far as to advocate a non-democratic authoritarian government." - Gene Veith

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