What If Science Caused the Pandemic?

"Recently, 18 prominent researchers published a letter in the journal Science calling for a full investigation of the Wuhan lab connections.  Now the possibility is being taken seriously." - Veith

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He's got a point, but the framing is unfortunate. Science doesn't really do anything. People do science... and always imperfectly. In this case, looking at the situation in terms of "science vs. ?" distracts from the better question--the bioethical one. How do we deal the the problem of ethics in science and experimentation with dangerous stuff?

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I seem to remember there's a book describing what happens when scientists do their work unconstrained by ethics and morality.  :^)

I don't know whether these claims will be found to be true, partially true, or false, but if they're found to be at least partially true, there are a bunch of people at the CDC, NIH, FDA, and at other agencies that need to be fired.  Some of them probably ought to be prosecuted if they looked the other way while they knew silence was killing people.  (yes, starting with Dr. Fauci, who still has yet to say "boo" about many states' policy of sending COVID patients into nursing homes)

And then if the "lab leak" hypothesis is at least partially true, we need some serious sanctions on China, starting with an end to high level virology research in that country for a generation, with required inspections and reporting by agencies that can shut down a facility.  Developing and releasing a virus which has killed millions worldwide is pretty much an act of war, after all.

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