The Webb telescope vs. young Earth creationism

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“So, for this mission, the JWST will not actually be “looking” back in time. Rather, it’ll be examining distant galaxies (which indeed are very far away in space) that have been in existence since the beginning of creation for thousands (not billions) of years. “

How does the author claim galaxies are far away if the only way to measure distance is to assume the light traveled the distance from there to here? That is to say, the light traveled billions of light years, which takes billions of years?

As I have stated multiple times at SI. It is patently absurd for YEC adherents to claim any knowledge of the size of the universe given its claimed young age. There is no way to measure distance then! That is to say, if the light somehow traveled faster than c, or was miracled from there to here, there is no way to use the distance = speed*time formula to get the distance.

Mark—their response was really weak. I agree. I am very moved by the evidence of age because of measuring lightyears (forgive my layman’s vocab on these issues!). Hugh Ross stresses this point in his excellent book “A Matter of Days.”

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.