New Book Exposes How Evolutionary ‘Science’ Devolves

"This second extension to his 1996 classic, Darwin’s Black Box (where he first outed himself as an advocate of intelligent design), argues that unguided mutation and natural selection are indeed able to adapt organisms to their environments, but only within strict limits." - TGC

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On my (severely backlogged) reading list…

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....of the review of Behe's book.  I remember when his first book came out, and interacted on World Magazine's forum regarding his hypothesis, and it was very telling that when I pointed out a way to refute his hypothesis--show something like a flagellum developing--the response was still that the hypothesis of Behe was unfalsifiable and thus false.  It did not penetrate their minds, apparently, that I'd just proposed a way the hypothesis could be disproven.

In the same way, the TGC author ably savages the Science Magazine review as starting with a judicial decision (nice genetic fallacy) and continuing to misrepresent key papers.  Well done.

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