When a Misguided Pastor Makes Threats About a Violent ‘Christian’ Insurrection

"...he is much better known as a controversial internet preacher with a large social media following. And in a recent message, he has crossed a very dangerous line. Every God-fearing Christian should denounce his inflammatory rhetoric, rhetoric which could easily lead to bloodshed." - Michael Brown

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I went to college with this guy a couple decades ago (at Ambassador Baptist College, where I would not recommend or ever consider for my kids). I doubt he would remember me, but I do remember him. In my opinion, he is a wolf and a narcissist, and I always warn friends when I see them posting his videos. He is un-Christlike, to say the least.

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Seems fitting to point out that this is almost always how freedoms die: when people abuse them. I only say "almost always" because there's the old fashioned power grab. But there are many restrictions and rules that don't increase anybody's power. They just try to stop some kind of bad behavior from happening, always at a cost. Cumulatively, a high cost.

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