Culture War

Beneath Our Social-Justice Strife Four Questions for Both Sides

"1. The Imago Test: Are we treating opponents as image-bearers? ...2. The Red/Blue Test: Are our minds hyper-politicized?... 3. The Justification Test: Are we seeking righteousness apart from Christ?... 4. The Fruit Test: Is the Spirit less evident in our lives?" - Desiring God

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Kevin DeYoung: Seven Principles for Cultivating a Christian Posture toward the World

"I’d like to zoom out and ask a broader question: What should the Christian’s posture be to a hostile world? Not surprisingly, the question does not allow for a simple answer. The message and model of the New Testament cannot be reduced to a single attitude or strategy. But there are important lessons to learn." - DeYoung

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When a Misguided Pastor Makes Threats About a Violent ‘Christian’ Insurrection

"...he is much better known as a controversial internet preacher with a large social media following. And in a recent message, he has crossed a very dangerous line. Every God-fearing Christian should denounce his inflammatory rhetoric, rhetoric which could easily lead to bloodshed." - Michael Brown

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