A Spectator in Your Church

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It's written to the spectator, really, with something of the goal of getting him to lace his cleats and take the field, which is good in its way.  Now I would presume that most here don't qualify as such, and yet....we are the ones who read the article, right?

Think about this a moment; we have the players reading an article about why not to be a spectator.  We might do better, if it's going to be the players who are reading these articles anyways, write articles telling players how to convince spectators to find their old cleats and dust them off, so to speak.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Hello Bert! The primary audience for Shepherd Thoughts is Faith Baptist Church, the church I pastor. It's a very special congregation in Corona, NY, and I praise God that many in the assembly are "players." I'm deeply grateful. On occasion, I look for ways to remind the church of our mutual responsibility to minister. This article is one such reminder.

I post a variety of content on the site as a shepherding platform: short articles, Bible study resources, podcasts, helpful links and so on. Since it's a website, it serves a broader audience as well; but the purpose for the site is pastoral. In this case, SI picked up the link and popped it into Filings. And rest assured, I've got posts, articles and podcasts on the site for "players," too Smile

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