Church Membership

Challenges of talking to former Mormons about church membership

"...some church leaders—especially cult leaders of false churches—abuse their power and take advantage of others. That’s what ex-Mormons experienced. But a biblical understanding of church membership actually inhibits such authoritarian abuses from ever happening." - 9 Marks

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Why Is Church Membership in America on the Decline?

"The decline in church membership appears to be primarily a result of more Americans expressing no religious preference....Most of the rest of the drop can be attributed to a decline in formal church membership among Americans who do have a religious preference.... Those in older generations who were likely to be church members are being replaced in the U.S. adult population by younger people less likely to join institutions." - TGC

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What Did Church Membership Classes Look Like in the First Century?

"This kind of training seems to have started very early in church history, even during the apostolic age. So it is worth asking the questions: what did the apostolic church teach new believers? What were the fundamentals of the faith? What did early Christian catechism look like?" - Wyatt Graham

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