Church Membership

What Did Church Membership Classes Look Like in the First Century?

"This kind of training seems to have started very early in church history, even during the apostolic age. So it is worth asking the questions: what did the apostolic church teach new believers? What were the fundamentals of the faith? What did early Christian catechism look like?" - Wyatt Graham

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Church Membership Classes Should Consider Equipping Members to Understand And Use Social Media

"I am saying that given how pervasive, addictive, and damaging social media can be that knowing about social media and how to use it well forms a key aspect of Christian discipleship." - TGC

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Why Churches Should Excommunicate Longstanding Non-Attenders

"It’s good to have a more accurate membership roll. But it’s best to pursue these non-attenders toward a specific end: removal if they’re attending another gospel-preaching church, restoration if they’re happy to return, and excommunication if they’re either unwilling to attend church anywhere or unable to be found." - 9 Marks

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Children, Church Membership, and the Implications of Ephesians 6:1

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Should we allow minors into the membership of the church? Most evangelical churches would, without hesitation, answer this question affirmatively. Those that practice infant baptism believe the Bible warrants the inclusion of the children of believers into the membership of the church de jure. On the other hand, many Baptist churches today pressure young children to “make a decision for Christ” and accept such decisions or professions of faith without careful reflection on credibility.

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How Biblical Metaphors for the Church Require Church Membership

"If we unpack all of what Scripture teaches about the local church, we’ll find that church membership is in fact in every nook and cranny of the New Testament. In that light, I want to focus on just one aspect of how Scripture talks about the church—the images of the church—and consider how these metaphors support and inform our understanding church membership." - 9 Marks

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