Evidence for puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones as effective treatment ‘very low': NHS England

"There is little evidence to show that prescribing puberty-suppressing drugs to children and adolescents suffering from gender dysphoria is beneficial in any way, according to a review by the NHS' National Institute for Health and Care Excellence." - C.Post

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First we have the work by Dr. McHugh of Johns Hopkins, then we had the Swedish study that found little benefit to transgender surgery in Sweden (more or less 18 bottom surgeries to spare one person from going to the psychiatrist), and now this.  I've also read from Mayo that their "trans" program doesn't really seem to improve psychiatric outcomes.

Maybe it's time to consider another approach.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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The challenge is that at this time in a child's life, many children are struggling with many things some including gender dysphoria.  There minds are not mature yet, and instead of throwing them into a treatment program that they are ill prepared to consent to, but one in which has long term affects for a condition that might temporary, we should be focusing on counseling first.  In addition, I feel that this area of science is less "science" and instead has been highjacked with a progressive narrative.  Science cannot operate properly under these conditions.  As these studies continue to come out, I am confident that history will show that the medical community took a path that was ill advised.