"The film is many things—gritty, harsh, unsettling, inspiring—but it is above all thought-provoking and challenging."

"God’s mercy is referenced during the film, but in a vague, theologically accommodating manner that a Bible-believing Christian will find the need to expand on in significant ways. With that said, Abby’s story leads into the gospel so well, with questions about forgiveness and the basis for forgiveness, even to the repentant director of a clinic who was complicit in more than 22,000 abortions." - Greg Linscott

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Yes, in an otherwise excellent film, the moment that was perfect for the Gospel did not follow through. God forgives "because He's God."  I am aware Abby Johnson is Catholic, but even so I am sure she would agree in some way with "God forgives because of Jesus' death on the cross for our sins." So its a curious omission.

That said, the film is well made and could be a mind-changer for many people who haven't thought much about it. I believe we should promote it.