Assisted suicide dies in 2 New England states

"Legislative efforts to legalize physician-assisted suicide have failed in two New England states, but Hawaii appears to be on the verge of enacting the practice." BPNews

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Bert Perry's picture whether Jack Kervorkian's VW bus was anywhere near Boston or Hartford when assisted suicide was killed there.

Seriously, I would hope that whenever this issue is discussed, people would bring up the question of whether we really want a situation where prospective heirs, or for that matter finance guys from insurance companies and Medicare, can pressure people to end their lives.  It's already happened quite a bit in the Netherlands, Belgium, and even Oregon.  Or, for that matter, do we want to create situations where insurance companies and Medicare can subtly direct patients to palliative care instead of getting treatment?

Going back to metro Detroit, it's worth noting that a good portion of Kervorkian's patients/victims did not appear to have any terminal illness.  So it's not like we don't have a good picture of the record of legalized euthanasia--it's pretty gruesome, really. 

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