Florida governor signs abortion bill ending funding to clinics

"Florida Governor Rick Scott on Friday signed a bill into law that will cut off state funding to clinics providing abortions as well as impose more restrictions on abortions in the state." Jurist

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It's a very good thing that they're working to end funding for non-abortion services at clinics that provide prenatal infanticide.  The trick is that a lot of people (yours truly included) are very reluctant to allow an abortionist to provide even non-abortion services for moral reasons, and let's be honest, because we're afraid of what can happen with muscle memory.  You do what you practice--keep away from my wife, especially if she's pregnant!

This is, in turn, why it's legally speaking in peril.  Since a lot of people will avoid not only contracting with abortionists, but also with hospitals that work with abortionists, it's going to be difficult for abortionists to get admitting privileges at Florida hospitals, especially those run by Baptists or Catholics.  So the four liberals on the Supreme Court may say this imposes an unreasonable restriction.

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