Rights groups sue North Carolina governor regarding new transgender law

"The bill (H.B. 2) also known as the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, requires students to use bathrooms and changing facilities that correspond with their biological sex, regardless of the students' gender identity." 

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Much, if not most, of the pressure on the public officials is coming from OUTSIDE the state from organized LBGT activist groups.  That being the case, it is appropriate for pressure to stand by their decision comes from everywhere as well.  There are reports that some of the key leaders are going "wobbly".  We need to let our voices be heard.  Here are the contacts numbers:

Governor Pat McCrory – (919) 814-2000

Lt. Governor Dan Forest – (919) 733-7350

N.C. Senate Leader Phil Berger – (919) 733-5708

N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore - (919) 733-3451 

Rep. Dan Bishop – (919) 715-3009 (primary House sponsor of HB 2)

Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam -(919) 733-2962 (helped present HB 2)

Sen. Buck Newton -(919) 715-3030 (primary Senate sponsor of HB 2)

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Long before this new law went into effect, I have for years heard various New Yorkers (not all of them) complain about how "backward" things are here in NC (even here in RTP, a smaller version of Silicon Valley).  My response now is the same as it was then -- if NY is so great, go on back there and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Dave Barnhart

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An LA area man has been arrested for dressing as a woman and taking, reportedly, hours of video in the ladies' room.  Since he appeared transgender, they couldn't do anything until he'd been there quite a while.

Just like conservatives have been warning for years.  North Carolina is so "backwards" it may be fairly safe for women to use public bathrooms, apparently unlike New York.

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