Updating the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy: A Proposal

“…should we concur with Geisler that the CSBI is in no need of revision? Has there been no positive advance in the doctrine of Scripture since 1978 that may help strengthen the CSBI for future theological and ecclesial use?” - TGC


A statement, creed, confession should always be open to revision. They are specifically created at a moment in time to articulate faith as it is being attacked or supported during that time. Time as well as attacks change and the statement, creeds or confessions should be updated to better articulate the understanding of faith and truth as it relates this attack.

I suggested to someone recently that

I think I would personally change

“We affirm that theological formulations often receive greater nuance as we engage contemporary issues”

to read “often receive greater clarity.”

Nuance gives too much ground to the idea that there was a modification. It seems like clarity would better convey the idea of a fuller understanding of previous revelation.