New Poll Finds Huge Shift in Pro-Life Direction

"...among Democrats under the age of 45, the shift was even more significant: According to Marist, 28 percent of them said they were pro-life last month. Now, almost as many young Democrats identify as pro-life as pro-choice." - National Review

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Anyone know how accurate a poll like this is?

I can see why some people would realize where abortion leads when the Governor of Virginia is for instances of infanticide, but it is hard to believe that opinions have changed that drastically.

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Ed, my question exactly.  Either there is a methodological issue (despite both surveys being done by the same company, that argues against that), or people are fickle.  Either way, if indeed a lot of Democrats are pro-life, either they're not strongly pro-life (or else they'd abandon the party of infanticide), or Republicans just might have a lot to gain by connecting with them.  

Or, as noted before, people are fickle.  But it's worth a try. 

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