Planned Parenthood finally admits abortion is its 'core mission'

"For years, it has guarded the 3 percent figure jealously, and a complicit press has reprinted it uncritically...  A recent statement from current Planned Parenthood President Leanna Wen comes as a surprise, then." - W. Examiner

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Given that some courts are starting to assert that the recipients of federal medical payments have the right to determine the providers, what's going on is that Planned Parenthood apparently thinks the battle is won and they can be open about what they're doing.  Hopefully people like Justice Kavanaugh help them learn they were mistaken.

And on our side, we simply need to ask the simple question of why the 40-60% of Americans who are pro-life, plus another group who support its legality but are uneasy with its reality, ought to be compelled to provide funds that have as their result keeping abortion clinics open.  If you run the numbers--about 700k abortions, 1800 abortionists, $500 or so per abortion--and distribute them around the country, you can't make ends meet with abortion alone.  The "family planning and STD" subsidies serve to cover the gap between typical costs and actual revenues.  

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