Anti-abortion measures approved in Alabama and West Virginia, defeated in Oregon

"Alabama and West Virginia voters passed ballot measures on Tuesday to eliminate taxpayer funded abortions. Oregon, the third State to have an abortion related ballot measure this election cycle, did not receive adequate support to ban abortion funding." - Jurist

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Alabama and West Virginia passed laws that more or less said that the state constitution does not enshrine Roe v. Wade.  They won, though the immediate impact of the changes is low/nil.  On the flip side, an initiative in Oregon to end taxpayer funding for medical care provided by those who also do abortions was rejected.

Now understanding that the political climate in the three states is widely different, it strikes me that voters are more willing to vote in things that do not immediately rock the boat. 

And on a personal level, I am trying to think through what would indeed happen if we did end funding for non-abortion-related procedures to Planned Parenthood and others who perform abortions.  The trick is that historically, many people refuse to do business with organizations which do abortion.   Hence abortion stayed at skeezy clinics in strip malls and the like, only moving out when large scale federal and state funding enabled them to do so.  

But that said, the economics of abortion does not play for the wages of a gynecologist plus the facility and related staff except in big cities and perhaps some D1 university towns. So if you cut off funding for them, they're back to the strip malls or closed altogether unless they can finagle a way of getting the rest of us to accept going to hospitals which allow abortionists to ply their trade there.  I can see this being attempted by law, but that gets shot down by the Catholics and I hope hospitals associated with the SBC, or simply quietly sneaking them in until someone notices.  

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